About the Owners

Sometimes, the universe really does speak to you. It’s a very Santa Fe way of thinking, but even the skeptical people hear it sometimes.

We’re Leah and Adam Vincent and we’re embarking on this crazy little adventure together. In 2013 we moved back to Santa Fe after a few years away. The city had a hold on us -- it’s where we met and were married, after all -- and we had to come back. 

We happen to live in the neighborhood behind The Pecos Trail Inn. Leah, who's education and background is in hospitality, would say on our walks “How cool would it be to own this place?” This theme would come up again and again. 

In 2020 we saw it was up for sale. Around the same time Leah was laid off because of COVID-19 and, with Adam’s encouragement, all of her energy and focus went into making their dreams come true. People thought we were crazy to want to run a hospitality property during a pandemic and banks weren’t keen on the idea at all.

But the universe kept giving us green lights. Behind the scenes the then-owners were rooting for us and being very helpful. Our friends and acquaintances have been incredibly generous to us, whether it is with advice, support or with money. Here we are today, thrilled about the future and the journey that will come with it. It's been a long time in the works, but we can't wait to welcome you into what now feels like home!